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Who We Are

We at are parent-professionals who have worked in autism advocacy and information sharing for many years.  As parents of children, teens, and young adults on the autism spectrum, we have had to work hard to find services and products that meet the special needs of people with autism.

The developers of this public service founded a stand-alone, 501(c)(3) corporation in 2008 called "Keystone Autism Information System," dba  We sought funding and were awarded a grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) to produce this site.

What We Do

We at realize that it can be difficult to find businesses that understand how to work with autism’s challenges.  We built this site as a resource for you to find autism-friendly businesses here in Pennsylvania and as a place where you can share your favorite businesses with other families with autism.

On you can find autism-friendly doctors, lawyers, therapists, theaters, schools, and restaurants.  This site is designed to help answer questions like, “Is there a doctor near me who understands the special needs of people with autism?”  “Where can I go to get my child diagnosed?”  Or, “Is there an autism-friendly restaurant in my community?”

Support Businesses that Employ Autistic People

We know that many adults on the autism spectrum have difficulty finding and maintaining employment.  To help these people in finding work, we have created a special category in our listings called, “Employers of People with Autism.” 

We encourage you to support these businesses so that they can continue to provide a workplace for our sons, daughters, siblings, and friends with autism.

If you know of a business that employs people on the spectrum, you can contribute to by adding them to our list of autism employers.

Share Your Knowledge with

By sharing the name of even one autism-friendly business, you will be contributing to the entire Pennsylvania autism community.  We know the resources of our communities well, but we recognize that there are many autism resources in Pennsylvania that we are not yet familiar with.  If you have benefited from a business that is not listed on this site, please add this establishment to so that others can gain from your experience.

Enjoy finding and sharing resources on this site.  Please let us know how is working for you.